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CalECG provides a unique, patented method, for the analysis of 12-lead ECGs.

The design of CalECG permits on-screen measurement of ECG signals in the context of pharmaceutical trials.
Both ten seconds strips data and representative beat are supported. In addition, CalECG allows you to create new representative beats if needed. With CalECG you measure the ECG in two modes:

  • Use the fully manual mode, or,
  • Use the built-in BRAVO automatic measuring algorithm, where annotations can be pre-positioned and then manually adjusted by the user.

CalECG can load all the most important types of digital ECG formats (both proprietary and free) such as: FDAHL7, SCP ECG, ISHNE, E-Scribe, H-Scribe, Schiller, Philips, Muse, AMPS XML, and AMPS Binary. Some of those formats are also supported as output to give you the capability to convert the ECG signal to a desired output type.
As a standard application CalECG can be used in standalone mode: double click the application icon and you can use it browsing your filesystem to open or save the ECG to measure.

Using a dedicated API interface based on the COM technology with CalECG can be used in an embedded method. Using the embedded method, CalECG is seen as a server component object, as generally described in COM terminology. The client application can be anything that supports COM, such as, another application or a browser script. The software provides an excellent graphical interface with a customizable ECG display. This flexibility allows you to display ECG signals in predefined format (for example: 3 x 4 or 6 x 2). Through the collaboration with the University of Glasgow, CalECG embeds a diagnostic algorithm to automatically generate the clinical interpretations of the ECG. This diagnostic algorithm uses the ten seconds strip data and demographics information to create some interpretative statements of the ECG tracing.

The software measures both interval durations and wave amplitudes on rhythm and representative beat data using either the manual or the semiautomatic algorithm.
The software provides a set of comprehensive and flexible tools for the display of ECG waveforms, which allow users to optimize the display according to the clinical protocol.

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Click here to view a slide presentation of CalECG.

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