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Extracting ECG snapshots from Holters

The AMPS software family includes Antares. This tool allows the use to extract 12-lead ECG snapshots of Continuous ECG data from commercial Holter systems.
The user can then export the optimal snapshot at precise time points. The exported ECGs are the least noise-effected strips among those with normal beats preceded by stable heart-rate.

Applications for using Antares include pharmacologic trials. In this type of trial, the subject’s cardiac activity is recorded on the Holter device for several hours. Then the standard 12-lead ECG can be exported at precise time-points, synchronized with drug dosing, for a better quantification of drug effects for analysis.

Antares provides a graphic interface to display the loaded Holter recordings, giving the user a method to inspect them before starting the extraction process.

The extraction can be customized based on:

  • snapshots ECG duration
  • optimum window size
  • number of ECGs per time point
  • sampling frequency of extracted ECGs


Antares lets you load an extraction protocol for each Holter (both in absolute or relative time) from an external (.csv) file, which can be easily created with MS-Excel.

Antares supports different output formats for the extracted ECGs: ISHNE, AMPS binary, E-Scribe XML and FDA HL7 XML. Furthermore, Representative Beats (Median) can be automatically generated with the built-in BRAVO automatic measuring algorithm, and included in the extracted ECGs. These formats can then be subsequently annotated with major annotation tools, such as AMPS CalECG.

In addition to the graphic interface, Antares can be fully controlled through the use of an API library based on Common Object Interface (COM) technology (embedded mode), this lets the extraction process to be performed in a fully automated mode.


Antares More

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