FAT-QT Details

FAT-QT (Fully Automatic Thorough-QT) - The tool for fully automated analysis of ECG traces

FAT-QT v2 is a single platform capable of performing a fully automated analysis of 12-lead resting ECGs.

This new version (v2) of FAT-QT combines the advantages of a much-improved measurement algorithm of CalECG v4 plus the enhanced filters developed for AMPS FDAEcg Suite scoring module. This combination empowers it with the capability for much faster analysis of ECG traces. In the context of Thorough-QT studies, this development makes it especially useful, and for clinical trials in general, by means of pre-processing, measuring, and sorting of all the ECG traces in to different quality sets.

With FAT-QT v2, users can automatically annotate ECGs with the improved algorithm of CalECG v4.  They can classify the ECGs into different quality categories by using different Scoring Metrics. Both the Scoring Metrics and the Number of Categories are user configurable. With these capabilities, the potentially needed expert review at the end of a FAT-QT session would be limited to mainly the lower quality ECG subsets. This greatly reduces the time and the resources needed for manual review and analysis of ECGs for each study.

FAT-QT v2 offers some major enhancements over the previous version FAT-QT v1.4.0:

  • Inclusion of the latest version of BRAVO measuring algorithm
  • Full management of JTp/TpTe interval annotations
  • Inclusion of FDA Public Library open Source Codes (ECGLib)
  • Addition of following new scoring metrics:
    • JTp interval measured by the algorithm. Global JTp on Representative Beats (superimposed) generated by AMPS
    • T-wave area-based parameters
    • Parameters from Gaussian Mesa Functions modeling of the T wave on PC1 lead
    • T-wave complexity can now be assessed on all leads
    • T-wave amplitude can now be assessed on all leads
    • QT, JT, JTp, QTp, TpTe measured by FDA “ecglib”, on All Leads
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2016 Operating System


The new enhanced FAT-QT v2 enables users to perform reliable, faster, and economical processing of large numbers of ECG traces.




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