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Advanced Analysis of Cardiovascular Signals

HeartScope provides a detailed spectral analysis of cardiovascular signals, and in particular:

  • on time series derived from the ECG (tachogram)
  • the arterial blood pressure (systogram and diastogram)
  • the respiratory signal (respirogram)
  • muscle sympathetic nervous activity (MSNA).


The key features of HeartScope include a sound user interaction and flexibility in the computation of all parameters.

HeartScope performs the computation of frequency domain parameters (based on autoregressive modeling methodologies or fast Fourier transform), time domain analysis, baroreflex sensitivity estimates, and computation of non-linear dynamic indexes such as conditional entropy. Other features include:

  • Fully customizable settings.
  • Interactive user segmentation of time-series.
  • Flexible data output inclusive of user-selectable options to export only basic parameters of analysis and/or numerical values of computed graphs (time-series, spectral curves).
  • Full printed reports of analysis performed.
  • Setup includes an HTML contextual online help, containing a detailed tutorial.
  • Export of results in .csv files, or (if installed and supported) in a powerful Interbase/Firebird database.

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