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Continuous ECG Recording Suite (CER-S)

CER-S offers a platform to interact with different software modules, providing solutions for managing continuous ECG recordings (CER). CER-S builds on from the AMPS FDAEcg Suite, an AMPS solution offering a series of modules for the analysis for 12-lead resting ECGs.

You can choose to operate the software with either a Graphic Interface, or the command-line to perform different analyses, such as batch processes.

The six modules supported in the latest CER-S version (4.0.z) are:

  • Continuous ECG Viewer: Use this module to visualize the content of continuous recordings encoded in the ISHNE, MIT and the newly proposed aECG XML V2 formats. If required, you can display demographic information. To display, you need an  available input file and, in case of aECG XML V2 format, analysis windows (for annotated ECG extractions).
  • aECG Generator (Pollux): Use of this module generates aECG XML V2 continuous recordings compliant with the new Regulatory Review of Continuous ECG recordings as proposed by the FDA.
  • ECG Beat Detection and Classification: This module, via the ABILE algorithm, processes a CER to detect the position of the ECG beats. Classification of each detected ECG beat is based upon its morphology as Normal, Ventricular, Unknown. During the classification phase, ECG Templates are also generated, grouping ECG beats of the same type with high degree of similarity.
  • Arrhythmia Analysis: This module, also based on ABILE, analyzes a CER and detects Rhythm abnormalities, such as, the main cardiac Arrhythmias:

- Bradycardia, Prolonged RR Interval, Pause

-Supraventricular Tachycardia, Isolated Supraventricular Beat, Supraventricular Couplet, Run, Bigeminy and Trigeminy

-Ventricular Tachycardia, Isolated Ventricular Beat, Ventricular Couplet, Run, Bigeminy and Trigeminy

-Atrial Fibrillation

  • Beat Measures: This module, links the BRAVO algorithm, and computes ST and QT measures on a CERThe measures can be reviewed and adjusted in a dedicated dialog.
  • Rhythm & Beat Editing: You can use this module to visualize the content of continuous recordings, similar to our Continuous ECG Viewer. However, this module offers options to edit the results from automatic Beat detection and Rhythm analysis. Using this module, you can change ECG beat type, enter a new ECG beat in case of misdetection and delete beats in case of over-detection. Furthermore, it is possible to edit automatically detected cardiac arrhythmias, or enter new ones that were not automatically detected. Other features include several interactive graphs, histograms, template display, and tables for quick and efficient identification of wrongly detected beats, arrhythmias and measures, that are to be corrected.


CER-S provides a detailed and configurable report of the analysis.


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Click here to view a slide presentation of CER-S.


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