HRV Analysis Solutions

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Over the years AMPS has developed and refined a comprehensive set of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis tools and libraries. Fabio Badilini, PhD, FACC, founder and currently Chief Scientist at AMPS, has been involved in HRV technology since the very beginning of his career and his master thesis in 1989 was on the analysis of variability in beat-to-beat time series in cardiovascular systems.


Our know-how covers the two main facets of HRV analysis: 


  • Beat detection using one (or more) electrocardiographic signal channels, i.e. the derivation of the so-called tachogram (time series of RR intervals). AMPS offers robust solutions that span from the clinical world, such as Holter recordings, where multiple leads are used to digitally acquire electrographic signals in relatively acceptable noise conditions, to more challenging acquisition conditions, such as situations where the signal is collected with a single lead non-standard device (e.g. a cardiothoracic belt) with lower resolutions and prone to more noise disturbance.
  • HRV analysis of tachograms. AMPS is a leader in the field providing solutions that cover both traditional time and frequency domain approaches using FFT-based measurements or autoregressive (AR) models. In addition, we use non-linear techniques based on Poincar plots, entropy and symbolic analysis. Finally, AMPS tools can also offer a comprehensive analysis that includes time series derived from continuous arterial pressure and respiratory signals, with reports that not only assess the variability of each individual time series but the respective cross-correlations as well.


If you are looking into developing, and intend to market, any products related to HRV, be it a simple device capable of recording one or more ECG waveforms, to a more complex tool processing cardiovascular waveforms, and you would like to compute the HRV we are perfectly positioned to offer you a solution, from an embeddable library to a fully customized key-in-hand application. E-mail us at with your request and we will provide you with a quote within 24h.