AMPS LLC announces the release of ViewECGWeb, its new online Viewer tool for ECG traces

Thursday 15 June 2017

AMPS is proud to announce the release of ViewECGWeb, a new tool for the display of ECG traces via the Internet. With the advent of several new browsers running on different operating systems (Android, IOS, OSX and Linux in addition to Windows), AMPS has now released a new complete display solution by developing a web browser ECG Viewer based on the HTML 5 standard.


ViewECGWeb is Web-based software designed for fully-customizable display of digital ECG that allows end-user interaction with the rendered digital ECG, and is designed for serving the needs of both the pharmaceutical as well as standard healthcare industry.


The Viewer supports the display of both 10s Rhythm strip and Representative Beats and brings to users the possibility to render the ECG waveforms entirely as well as the ability to display them in the various standard layouts:


  • Rhythm 6x2
  • Rhythm 6x2 with user-selectable Long (10-seconds) Lead
  • Rhythm 3x4
  • Rhythm 3x4 with user-selectable Long (10-seconds) Lead
  • Representative Beat 6x2
  • Representative Beat 6x2 and Superimposed
  • Representative Beat 3x4
  • Representative Beat 3x4 and Superimposed
  • Representative Beat 3x4 and Superimposed


A set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) enable full customization of ECG visualization, including:


  • ECG layout
  • Paper speed
  • Number of leads
  • Scrolling
  • Zooming


Any ECG annotations embedded in the input ECG file can also be displayed and the ECG waveforms can be filtered. Finally, ViewECGWeb allows for real-time measurement of both time and amplitude annotations via digital calipers.


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