AMPS LLC announces the release of ECGSolve, its new ECG File Processing Software tool

Thursday 15 June 2017

AMPS LLC is proud to announce the release of ECGSolve, its versatile command-line based complete ECG File Processing Software tool.


ECGSolve is a command-line application for the processing of digital resting ECGs, and comprises several modules that can be used independently or jointly.

ECGSolve has the capability to accept inputs in a large variety of ECG formats, which makes it an ideal solution for organizations that need the ability to process, display, and print digital ECG traces from various sources. Thanks to its command-line structure, ECGSolve can easily be compacted into scripts (e.g. Python), grouping end executing with a single instance subset of the available features. Based on the user's requirement, ECGSolve can either be used standalone, or it can easily be imbedded into other proprietary products or processes.


The Modules available in the first version of ECGSolve include:

  • ECG format conversion: Input is accepted in a variety of ECG formats including: aECG HL7 XML, Mortara XML (E-Scribe & H-Scribe), GE MUSE XML, Philips XML (Sierra XML), Schiller XML, AMPS ECG binary, ISHNE, SCP, and MIT.
  • Fully configurable ECG Image Generator: With this module users can generate a wide variety of images of ECG waveforms in various graphic formats such as PNG and JPG, imposing different layouts and image resolution properties.
  • PDF ECG Report Generator, inclusive of a fully configurable header, ECG waveforms layout, and demographic information details.
  • ECG Annotator Engine for automatic ECG annotations using the latest version of the AMPS BRAVO algorithm, according to a pre-defined and configurable measuring protocol.



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