CER File Format conversion
CER File Format conversion
CERs File Conversion Service

AMPS provides a service converting digital Continuous ECG rcordings (aka Holters) of various formats into digital FDA-compliant ISHNE format files.

How to use the Service


Holter file formats accepted as input include:

  • Mortara/Baxter H-Scribe and Surveyor systems.
  • Mortara/Baxter H12+ - The format acquired directly by H12+ Holter device
  • MIT-WFDB - The format of the MIT Physionet
  • Getemed - The format of the Cardioday device
  • ST XML - The format of the Body Gateway patch developed by ST Microelectronics
  • MyPatch - The format of MyPatch SL developed by DMS-Service
  • Borsam - The format of the Holter device developed by Borsam Biomedical Instruments
  • VivaLnk ecg patch device.
  • Cortrium C3.


The available output CER formats include: aECG HL7 FDA XML, AMPS Compressed binary ECG, ISHNE,  MIT-WFDB.


Data Transmission and storage


Digital data shall be delivered to AMPS via upload to the secure AMPS FTP server.

Once upload the files are automatically stored in a dedicated folder on the AMPS Customer Data Repository server. The Customer Data Repository is a password protected electronic repository that ensures only authorized personnel have access its content. The use of multiple disks guarantees data redundancy and allows data reconciliation in case of a single disk failure.


Intermediate and final results are saved in Read-Only mode. This ensures the results are not inadvertently altered or deleted. Date & time of file-creation, and the Identification of the AMPS personnel who generated the file will be available.


Processed Data Delivery


The generated converted files will be delivered to the Sponsor/CRO via the Internet to a dedicated server or by courier via any digital media such as DVD, solid memory/USB, etc..


Price list

up to 100 CERs

$ 12 /ECG

up to 300 CERs

$ 10 /ECG

up to 600 CERs

$ 7 /ECG


In addition a flat data management fee of $214 will be charged regardless from the amount of converted files.

For quantities over 600 ECGs, further information, or questions please contact: AMPS.Services@amps-llc.com