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Founded in 1998 by Fabio Badilini, PhD, F.A.C.C. after over 10 years spent in the academic and research environment working closely with cardiologists in the United States and in Europe, AMPS is nowadays the world leader in the production of software tools used specifically in the field of quantitative ECG analysis and blood pressure monitoring. Cooperating with some of the most important Clinical Research Organizations and Universities, AMPS developed a suite of tools dedicated to the manual and automated analysis, processing, and quality assessment of large amounts of ECGs/Holters, as well as for the viewing of digital ECG traces in the clinical/hospital environment, in compliance with the FDA regulations.

HeartScope is a software developed to provide detailed spectral analysis of cardiovascular signals.(demo available)

CER-S, offers a solution for the Beat Detection, Arrhythmia analysis, editing and reconciliation of Continuous EGG recordings.(demo available)

FAT-QT is a Rule-based waveform analysis and categorization system which utilizes quality metrics to classify ECGs

WinAtrec system allows advanced analysis of Holter recordings, incorporating the so-called RR bin approach and time templates.

The FDAEcg Suite is a new HL7 XML viewer that replaces and extends the previous XMLFDA Full Functional viewer.(demo available)

TrialPerfect is the AMPS back-end database that completes the well-know CalECG product, providing a complete solution for clinical trials.

Antares is the tool allowing to extract 12-leads ECG snapshots starting from raw data from commercial Holter systems.

CalECG is an application designed for the on-screen measurement of ECG signals in the context of pharmaceutical trials.(demo available)

ECGScan is the tool allowing the convertion of paper ECG images to digital ECGs.(demo available)

The Viewer Light is the new HL7 XML viewer that replaces the previous XMLFDA Viewer Light. (demo available)

ECG file format converter Mizar provides the functionality of a fast and powerful API-based ECG file format converter.

ViewECG, provides the functionality of a general-purpose MS windows ECG trace viewer.(demo available)

Ariel, the AMPS Internet ECG Viewer OCX, is an ActiveX that can be plugged in applications and web pages to display ECGs and, in case, their annotations