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The Internet ECG Viewer

Ariel, the AMPS Internet ECG Viewer OCX, is an ActiveX that can be plugged in applications and web pages to display ECGs and, in case, their annotations. Ariel is based on a compressed binary format called .amps where the ECG waveforms and annotations are packed. .amps files can be generated by other AMPS technology (namely the CalECG/Mizar platform) used to annotate ECGs. Alternatively, AMPS can provide the structure of the .amps files for those customers that may want to or already have an ECG analysis system. In the latter scenario, AMPS can provide assistance and/or C++ code segments for the generation of the .amps format. Ariel comes equipped with a set of API function that makes its implementation into your web page extremely easy. With these APIs, the user (client) can organize the display of the ECGs signal with great flexibility.














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