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Extracting ECG snapshots from Holters

Antares is the AMPS software allowing to extract 12-lead ECG snapshots starting from Continuous ECG data from commercial Holter systems.
The system allows the user to export the optimal snapshot at precise time points. The exported ECGs are the least noise-effected strips among those with normal beats and preceded by stable heart-rate.

The software is very useful in pharmacologic trials, where subjects’ cardiac activity is recorded for several hours with the use on Holter devices. Subsequently, standard 12-lead ECG can be exported at precise time-points, synchronous with drug dosing, for a better quantification of drug effect for further analysis.

Antares is equipped with a graphical interface where the loaded Holter recordings are displayed, so the user can inspect them, before starting the extraction process.
The extraction can be customized based on:

  • snapshots ECG duration
  • optimum window size
  • number of ECGs per timepoint
  • sampling frequency of extracted ECGs

It is possible to define an extraction protocol for each Holter (both in absolute or relative time), loaded in an external (.csv) file which can easily be created with MS-Excel.
Antares supports different output format for the extracted ECGs, namely: ISHNE, AMPS binary, E-Scribe XML and FDA HL7 XML and Representative Beats (Median) can be automatically generated, by the built-in BRAVO automatic measuring algorithm, and included in the extracted ECGs. These formats can then be subsequently annotated with major annotation tools, such as AMPS CalECG.

Last, in addition to the graphical interface, Antares can be fully controlled through the usage of an API library based on Common Object Interface (COM) technology (embedded mode), so that the extraction process can be performed in a fully automated mode.

Due to the large file–size of holter recordings, the Antares demo version is not available for automatic download from the website.

You can review the paper Automatic Extraction of ECG Strips from Continuous 12-lead Holter Recordings for QT Analysis at Prescheduled versus Optimized Time Points on the Publications page of our website, highlighting the rationale behind of Antares and the benefits of optimized extractions.
On the paper The time course of new T-wave ECG descriptors following single- and double-dose administration of sotalol in healthy subjects, Antares was used to obtain optimized ECG extractions.

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Given the complexity of Antares we offer a one-hour free-of-charge webex demo to show the interface and illustrate all the key features of this product. If you are interested please contact: to schedule the webex.

Clicking here below you can view a set of slides illustrating Antares software.